Tips to decorate your first Home


The rental or purchase of your first home is a very exciting event. Some people decide to purchase all their furniture or ask for a loan to make it happen. Whatever your case is you must understand that it is your first home and that your style of life will change very quickly. In that matter your home should be confortable and must reflect your style, for that I always think that an informal space is more enjoyable. Continuing with this we will guide you to achieve that beautiful space for two:

1 When designing, make sure that the personality of both is reflected. Sit down and discuss the tastes of each and find a style that defines both of you.  If you do not find this there’s always the option of mix and match, which tends to be well made when you seek for a professional help.

2 Start with things that are absolutely necessary. Remember that you can add or remove items at any time. The first element will always be the bed, followed by basic appliances fridge and stove. For this I recommend you make a list of priorities and work your budget base on this.

3 For furniture, you can use the 3rs method (recycle, reuse, and redesign). Try to find furniture that your friends or family members are no longer using and give them a radical change that suits your tastes. There is always something that can be transformed, before bringing them home you most check its condition.

4 Then, based on that style and those furniture you already have, select the paint color that suits and highlight those items.

5 Add a simple touch with curtains, Pillows, wall and table accessories.

6 The modern kitchens are timeless look wider and freer movement, a good idea for the kitchen is to install a bar to use as a bar, enlarges the space and is a good alternative to be with friends sharing a drink while the food is ready.
7 In the bathrooms you can apply paint with strong but refreshing colors and decorations of plants, giving a natural and attractive look.

8 At last we have the lighting which is one of the most important factors in any space, there are now a multitude of luminaires that will harmonize and complement your home.

Try to achieve a warm lighting for a comfortable living space.

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